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Applying for a grant

How to Apply

Applicants must fill the Project proposal form (which serves as Appendix 1) with the details of the proposed research project to be considered for funding. Grants for research are allocated to scientists that submit viable proposals for projects aimed at meeting the priority research objectives. Successful candidates must demonstrate the capability for scientific excellence and the capacity for managing projects within the terms of a contract.

Please follow the specified LRI guidelines when submitting a proposal. Collaborations between research institutions are encouraged.

Project proposals in response to the RfP's must be sent to no later than the date indicated. No extension will be made.

Click here for a list of previous RfPs.

The Selection Committee

The scientific evaluation and selection of applications for funding are managed by a scientific committee provided by ECETOC. In particular, within the LRI, ECETOC has the responsibility of maintaining three “core teams”: health effects, human exposure & risk assessment and environment. Their responsibilities include the following:

- Development of topics for research to be considered by the LRI Strategy Implementation Group (SIG).
- Drafting of 'requests for proposals' (RfPs) based on ideas submitted by Cefic and ECETOC stakeholders in the LRI process.
- Setting up selection teams of industry and external experts to choose the best research proposals in response to published RfPs and making recommendations to LRI SIG concerning the funding of the proposals.
- Establishment of scientific liaison with the selected institutions and 'monitoring' the scientific quality and progress of the projects.

Click here to read more information on ECETOC.

Steps after Acceptance

Once the decision by the scientific committee has been reached and announced, the successful applicants are required to fill in Appendix 2, where they can outline the responsibilities in work packages and related expenditures of the project both sequentially and chronologically. Overhead costs should not exceed 15%.
Click here for an LRI model research contract. You are encouraged to have this reviewed by your legal department to ensure rapid contracting after the project selection. If you encounter fundamental issues with the terms of the contract, please contact for possible advance resolution.

Please indicate with your application through which channel you found out about the RfPs.

See Programme Management for information on how the LRI research programme is managed. For any queries please contact us at

A mini guide to Cefic-LRI funding

Download our mini guide for a quick and concise introduction to the Cefic-LRI funding programme, guidelines and timeline.